An Artistic Statement

Mojave Desert | 2013

Dreamworlds Dioramas is the creation of Jason Grilli, Ryan Loesel and Rick Carufel.
Jason Grilli a retired professional baseball player and author had a vision.
He was a huge Star   Wars fan as a kid and decided to start collecting again with his young son.  They came up with the idea  of   interactive diorama displays.  Jason's  resources and marketing knowledge are instrumental in the  founding of the diorama studio.
Ryan Loesel has been a lifelong Star Wars Fan and avid collector.  Over the years he has  become our expert on vintage Star Wars toys.  He met Jason  buying and selling toys online.      They became friends and eventually, they got the idea to start an interactive diorama  business and he knew a guy who could make them.  Ryan's knowledge of all the  Star Wars toys and his resourcefulness is the key to keeping things true to lore and canon.
 Rick Carufel was the guy Ryan knew.  Rick has been a commercial and fine artist for 50 years, and an author  and publisher for the last 15.  He was asked to do a photoshop edit on a Star  Wars scene.  One thing led to  another and soon they decided to use their combined skills  and  resources to create Dreamworlds Dioramas. Rick's skills as an artist are the foundation from which  the dioramas and props are produced.