Our dioramas currently under construction will be coming soon.

In addition to our Tatooine display diorama, we have under construction:

A diorama of Dagobah depicting Yoda raising Luke's X-wing fighter using the force.  This is a circular diorama with lighting.  It's 24" by 12" high. We will have a demonstraion diorama at the ICCC con that has some amazing special effects.

A diorama of the battle of Hoth.  This diorama is a bit larger and is suitable for a commercial venue such as a store or convention display.  It can be populated by many figures  in several scales and has realistic lighted explosions.  Groups can stage whole battles. This diorama in 36" x 48" x 18" and comes with or without a base.

A Diorama that is perhaps the most iconic scene from Star Wars,  the Cantina.

This Diorama has room for over 50 of your most colorful figures and it has lighted tables, booths and bar overhead.  It has a removable roof with clear panels to view the figures but protects them from dust.  It is the same size as the Hoth diorama and has a 3ft by 4ft footprint and also comes with or without a stand.

In additon to these we can design and build or build from your design and/or plans,  any diorama of any genre or scale to suit your requirements.  We build custom installations in modulal form so the actual on site installation time is at a minimum.

Imagination is your only limits.